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Soho Bay Was the Wave

My girl  Steph  aka  Cosmo  at  The Lux Loft  did it again ! A couple weeks ago this beauty invited me and some close friends to another great event this time the showdown was at  Soho Bay  in  Miami Beach  - first time ever being there - while it wasn't the easiest place to find once found nothing but scenery & beauty from the entrance to the outdoor ocean views. Aside from our photo-shoot session throughout the night we enjoyed some complementary cocktails, delicious sushi and closed with a Swimwear fashion show by  Ritchie Swimwear  - IG  @ritchieswimwear @StephanieCosmo

It's Already Thursday ?

From no electricity to the lights are finally on, to Miami traffic on a very blazing hot day with intense humidity levels and a not so functional car AC - greaaaaat ! - how i do not miss summers in Miami ! - and it's not even officially summer (June 23 - to be accurate) Today was all about errands and taking care of finances while i still cant believe June is here I'm trying to keep it together till my Vegas trip ( in celebration of my bday), Besides that, tomorrow I will be assisting one of my favorite Diva's on her photo-shoot collab with Venezalquen/Miami based photographer  Richard Cadrouce  along with clothing pull-outs from both  Seta Apparel  and  Style Link Miami . Aside from last minute project callings and it being already Thursday. I'm prepping for the new arrivals coming up on SLM- to stay updated signup to out newsletter. From there we get back to Andrea Basilis in celebration of the pre-launch of the site while there is yet so much still to ge


Sunlight, Camera, Hurry up before the self-timer goes off & Pose We keep it simple in black with a lot of shoulder exposure just because it's way too humid/hot in Miami nowadays too NOT be showing off some skin accompanied with my favorite pointed grey squared heels and knee-length culottes shorts for the complete balance of tough yet feminine flare. Back at it ! Today was about three things : planning , setting-up and just doing it.   Aside from the fact that Diva - aka Carolina Lindo - shoot was postponed due to last minute adjustments the project got moved to Saturday (6/4/16). That meant an extra day to prep along with a brainstorming sess. for house-of-she and some Style Link Miami blog drafting for our Monday style features, highlighting on some of our most recent arrivals for the Pre-Summer 16' collection.  In the meantime, back at it with the self-shoots (which I haven't done in forever & low-key miss) but no excuses ! I had an extra day