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I made plans to go to New York this past week and after just one week things with the COVID-19 has escalated and state of emergencies are being called upon. My cousin texted me immediately addressing her concerns, stating we should cancel and reschedule, serious shit, she adds. Instantly i’m annoyed, because i’m one of those. However, i start to get curious and start my own search, looking for facts, statistics, & consult with family and friends. Finally i ask my mother and it was crystal clear, cancel. I’m pissed, but better safe to be sorry, i guess. New York can wait. In conclusion after thorough search and fact checking on the following it’s just not safe till further notice — now mind you, there are recovery cases — but again if immediate travel can be avoided and cancelations options are available, it’s best to be safe then sorry. My cousin did bring up a good point that hit hard, not to just think about myself but others as well. She was right. Anyways, s