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THE UPDATE: Officially been MIA for TOO long

By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail. ‑  #Benjamin Franklin Finally something ! I wish I could say I’ve been killing it and the only reason I’m not here producing content and slaying across all internet boards is because life is going so amazingly great ! But. That’s not necessarily the case. Ever since my New York trip, I’ve been running around playing catch-up with school, work, new recent project & old, finances, and this website. For the most part, we’re not too far from getting back on track (one step / day at a time) however there is still a lot more that needs to be started, drafted, edited and finalized. I just wanted to say,  I’m here . I would update on my IG but I really want to make it a ritual posting on here more than anything. So when I do release something I want it to be worth the wait, worth the coming up and keeping up. And as for the drobe, those of you that are here to get my two cents on my personal style well…. This